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Why Summit Exteriors Stands Out

Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. With years of experience and a focus on quality work, we exceed expectations on every project. Summit Exteriors, a leader in Coeur d'Alene, provides tailored roofing solutions that fit your needs precisely. Our team of professional roofers ensures that every job, from roof repair to new installations, is executed with precision and care. Trust Summit Exteriors to elevate your roofing experience to new heights.


Certified Excellence: Our Awards and Certifications

Summit Exteriors prides itself on certified excellence. Our accolades include recognition from the National Roofing Contractors Association. These certifications exemplify our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. By choosing us for your roof repair Coeur d`Alene needs, you are selecting a company with years of experience and a track record of excellence in the industry. Trust in our awards and certifications for a reliable and professional roofing service that exceeds expectations.

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Customized Roofing Solutions

At Summit Exteriors, we pride ourselves on offering tailored roofing solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs. By leveraging our years of experience and expertise in the industry, we can customize roof installations and repairs to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Whether you require metal roof installation, water damage restoration, or roof replacement, our team of professional roofers is here to deliver excellent service. Contact us today to discover how our customized approach can elevate your roofing project to new heights.

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Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

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"Our experience with Summit Exteriors was outstanding. Alaina was extremely helpful in providing a detailed estimate quickly, which allowed us to negotiate a better price on our new home. We highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them for our future roofing needs."

Nathan Stegenga

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"The professionalism displayed by Alina and the team at Summit Exteriors was remarkable. They assessed our roof promptly, made recommendations that suited our needs, and executed the job flawlessly. Thank you for coming to our rescue and for the professional job done."

K Payne

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Understanding Roof Damage in Coeur D'alene

Roof damage can occur due to various factors, including severe weather conditions, age, and lack of maintenance. Understanding the signs of roof damage is crucial to address issues promptly and prevent further damage to the property.

In Coeur d'Alene, where the weather can be unpredictable, roof damage is a common concern. Heavy snowfalls, intense sun, and seasonal storms can take a toll on roofs, leading to issues such as water damage, mold growth, and extensive damage if left unattended.

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Common Causes of Roof Damage

Age, extreme weather, poor maintenance, and improper installation are common culprits behind roof damage. Exposure to harsh elements like wind, rain, and snow can weaken roofing materials. Neglecting regular inspections and repairs accelerates deterioration. Incorrectly installed flashing or vents can lead to leaks. Over time, these issues can escalate, causing costly damage. Understanding these factors can help prevent extensive damage and the need for significant roof repairs in the future.


Signs You Need Roof Repair in Coeur d'Alene

Sudden water spots on ceilings or walls, sagging areas, or visible mold growth could signal the urgent need for roof repair Coeur d`Alene. If you notice missing shingles, granules in gutters, or a spike in energy bills, your roof might be compromised. Addressing these signs promptly can prevent costly repairs and potential water damage to your property. Ignoring these indicators could lead to more extensive damage and jeopardize the integrity of your roof. Don't delay in seeking professional assistance for necessary roof repairs.


At Summit Exteriors, we firmly believe that quality and effective communication are the fundamental elements that lead to success. Our unwavering mission is to provide unparalleled residential and commercial exterior services to property owners while upholding a culture of open and transparent communication throughout every phase of the project. We recognize that no task is too insignificant and take immense pride in being an active part of the community, always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. From minor repairs to large-scale projects, Summit Exteriors is dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes that go beyond our client's expectations. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aim to establish lasting relationships built on trust and remarkable service.

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Voted #1 Roofing Company in Bonner County 2023replacement




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With Easy Financing Options!

We understand that repairing or replacing a roof can come with a hefty price tag. That's why we provide financing options through Upgrade. We aim to assist you in finding a payment plan that aligns with your financial needs, all while ensuring top-notch quality.

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Summit Exteriors' Solution to Your Roofing Problems

Summit Exteriors excels in providing tailored solutions to your roofing issues. With a focus on customer satisfaction and years of experience, our certified team addresses roof damage efficiently. Whether it's water damage restoration, metal roof installation, or comprehensive repair services, we handle your roofing project with expertise. Trust us to elevate your home's curb appeal and protect your investment. Let Summit Exteriors in Coeur D'alene take your roof to new heights of durability and aesthetics.


Comprehensive Roof Repair Coeur d'Alene Services

Our comprehensive roof repair Coeur d Alene services at Summit Exteriors cover a range of needs, from minor repairs to major restoration projects. With a focus on quality work and customer satisfaction, our skilled team handles everything from fixing missing shingles to addressing extensive damage promptly. Whether it's a small leak or significant issues requiring immediate attention, our years of experience in Coeur d'Alene ensure that your roof is in capable hands. Trust us to enhance the longevity and functionality of your roof with our professional repair services.


Installation of Alu Rex Gutter Guards and Velux Products

Enhance your roofing project with our meticulous installation of Alu Rex Gutter Guards and Velux Products. Our expert team ensures optimal functionality to safeguard your roof from water damage while maximizing efficiency. With a focus on quality work and customer satisfaction, we elevate your property's protection and aesthetic appeal. Trust Summit Exteriors to seamlessly integrate these premium products, providing lasting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Elevate your roof in Coeur d'Alene with our top-tier installations.


A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Hear from our clients in Coeur d'Alene: "They were a pleasure to work with. They were on time for the estimate, maintained great communication. Very responsive as we decided on the colors and the options for the project. They actually did the work while we were gone, as arranged ahead of time, and when we got home the job looks amazing and they have done excellent cleanup. We will definitely work with them again, and indeed we are using them for an office building gutter project for a property I am involved with." - Dan Meulenberg

Our Coeur d`Alene Roof Repair Process

Upon engaging Summit Exteriors for your roof repair Coeur d`Alene needs, our meticulous process begins with an initial inspection and consultation to assess the extent of the damage. Our professional roofers then craft tailored repair strategies suited to your unique requirements. The implementation phase is executed with precision, ensuring quality assurance at every step. From start to finish, we prioritize prompt service and superior workmanship to restore your roof efficiently. Trust Summit Exteriors for a seamless repair experience.


Initial Inspection and Consultation

Our initial inspection and consultation process at Summit Exteriors is meticulous and thorough. We begin by assessing the current state of your roof, evaluating any existing damage or potential issues. Our team of professional roofers will then provide a comprehensive consultation, discussing our findings and recommended repair strategies tailored to your specific needs. This crucial step sets the foundation for a successful and efficient roof repair Coeur d`Alene process, ensuring that your property receives the care it deserves.


Tailored Repair Strategies

At Summit Exteriors, we excel in crafting tailored repair strategies to address your unique roof issues effectively. Our skilled professionals analyze your roof meticulously, considering factors like roof material, extent of damage, and environmental conditions specific to Coeur D'alene. By customizing repair plans, we ensure long-lasting solutions that meet your roof's distinct requirements. Trust us to implement strategic repairs that not only fix current issues but also prevent potential roofing problems in the future. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Implementation and Quality Assurance

At Summit Exteriors, our roof repair Coeur d`Alene process is defined by meticulous implementation and unwavering quality assurance. Once the tailored repair strategies are set in motion, our professional roofers execute the plan with precision and expertise. We ensure that every aspect of the repair is completed to perfection, leaving no room for errors. Our commitment to quality work extends to the final stages of the project, where thorough quality assurance checks guarantee that your roof is restored to its optimal condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Summit Exteriors Different from Other Roof Repair Companies?

At Summit Exteriors, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship that sets us apart from other roof repair companies. With years of experience in the industry, our team of professional roofers is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to deliver top-notch results that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. 

How Can I Schedule an Inspection with Summit Exteriors?

Scheduling an inspection with Summit Exteriors is quick and easy. Simply give us a call today to book your appointment. We offer free estimates and our team of expert roofers will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof in a timely manner. We are a trusted roofing contractor dedicated to providing accurate assessments and recommendations for your roofing needs.

How Do I Maintain My Roof After Repairs?

Maintaining your roof after repairs is essential to ensure its longevity and prevent further damage. Regular roof inspections are recommended to identify any potential issues early on. In addition, proper water damage restoration and regular maintenance can help protect your roof from the elements. Summit Exteriors offers comprehensive maintenance services for both residential and commercial roofs, ensuring your property is well-protected. 

What are the common causes of roof damage in Coeur d'Alene?

Common causes of roof damage in Coeur d'Alene include heavy snow, ice dams, hailstorms, and strong winds. Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify issues early on and prevent costly repairs. Consider hiring a professional roof repair company to assess and address any damage promptly.


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