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Homeowner’s Guide to Residential Roofing Idaho

Are you a new homeowner in Idaho? Then you should be aware of the many elements of residential roofing Idaho has. From the important parts to the most popular designs and types of roofing systems, here is everything you need to know.

This is to guide you about what type of roof is the best fit for your building in your area, and how to properly maintain them. This way, your roof will be able to effectively protect you, your household, and your belongings from the weather and other potential dangers.

Residential Roofing Idaho

Important parts of the residential roof system

Residential roofs have multiple layers and each has a different purpose and function. Here are the most important parts:

  • Roof covering. This refers to the top layer of the roof. It could pertain to shingles, metal, clay, slate, or wood.

  • Underlayment. This is the thin layer of materials such as fiber, felt, rubber or foam beneath the roof covering that provides additional weather protection.

  • Sheathing. Refers to the wood boards joined to the roof’s trusses and joists. It helps distribute the weight across the roof so it will not sag in case of heavy rain or snow. 

  • Flashing. This protects the vulnerable areas of the roof from the rainwater and directs them away toward the gutters and downspouts, preventing leaks.

  • Ventilation. This allows air to flow through the attic to maintain the indoor temperature and prevent moisture buildup. It can be set up mechanically or naturally.

  • Roof drainage. Typically installed at the lowest part of the roof to remove excess water from the roof’s surface and prevent water damage.

Popular roof designs

Roofs are never a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, despite what many people believe. There are many different roof design types and here is the most popular residential roofing Idaho has:

  • Gable. This is also known as a peaked or pitched roof. It has two pointed slopes connected to each other in a triangular shape.

  • Hip. The roof design has a rectangular look due to its four sides. The front and back facets are longer and are joined by narrow side facets that serve as the roof’s “hips.”

  • Jerkinhead. This type of roof has clipped peaks, which refers to the two sides meeting at a point and the point is flattened into a small triangular facet.

  • Gambrel. This type of roof design has two symmetrical sides, each with two slopes, one steeper and one shallower than the other.

  • Mansard. This roof design has four sides, each having two slopes, one steeper and one shallower.

Common types of roofing systems in Idaho

Just like roof designs, there are also different types of roofing systems. The most common residential roofing Idaho has are the following:

  • Shingle roofing. This is the most common type of roofing system not just in Idaho but in the whole United States. They are made of flat, rectangular pieces of asphalt, metal, wood, or other roofing materials that are layered on the roof from the base upwards.

  • Metal roofing. This roofing system has been rising in popularity nowadays. It is made using metal pieces, tiles, or panels made of galvanized steel, tin, copper, zinc, aluminum, titanium, and others.

  • Tile roofing. This is perhaps one of the oldest roofing systems for residential buildings. It is made from clay, ceramic, concrete, or slate tiles and are installed from the base of the roof and upwards.

  • Slate or Shake roofing. These are one of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing roofing systems. They are usually made into tiles or shingles and are installed starting from the lowest part of the roof and upwards, overlapping each other.

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